My Sweet lil Cakes

Today we went to the Dragon Fest and Food Walk in International district. We went around trying all these different food from different stands. While we were walking, we came across My Sweet Lil Cakes, where they make unique baked goods on a stick. Their website is at 



They have various flavors on their menu, but what they were selling the time I went were: Blueberry Lemon Ricotta w/Honey Lemon Syrup, Red Velvet Buttermilk w/Dark Cherries & Sweet Cream Cheese, and Free Range Chicken & Waffle w/Maple Butter. They also had black tea lemonade, but we didn’t buy it. They also have other flavors, but these were what they were making. We decided to try all of them, so I shall describe each of them. 


 The Waffle, which was the first one we recieved, was very instresting. Normally, sweet  and savory don’t go together (the chicken and maple syrup) but this was an exeption. The Chicken is quite salty, but the sweetness from the maple syrup helps balance it out. To make sure it isn’t too compounded and layered, the flatness from the waffle helps blend and balance it, helping bridge the sweet and salty together into one, tasty waffle on a stick.       IMG_20140713_120240-001

Later we got the blueberry and red velvet. The batter on both didn’t turn out the way it was expected (it was the first batch of the day) and were burnt a bit, but delicious none the less. The blueberry and red velvet were sweet, so they should be eaten as dessert. 


I’ll start with the blueberry (the one on the left in the picture above). The lemon honey is sourced locally and is homemade, so you won’t be seeing it in stores. The honey is very sweet, but that’s okay because the blueberry is a sweet cake. The amount of honey they give you is just right, enough to cover the cake, but not too much to make it too overwelming. The blueberries also help balance the flavor, giving it a tartness. Although mine was burnt, it was still very tasty and I recomend this to anybody who likes their dessert sour, or just want to try something new. 

 The red velvet (the one on the right in the picture above) was my personal favorite; it has cherries in the middle and cream cheese on the top. The red velvet isn’t too strong, but enough to add another layer of flavor. The cherries adds sourness, a bit more than the blueberries. When you bite into it, you can taste  the cream cheese, which helps in the sweet department. This cake is less connected than the blueberrys, and has more oboius layers, but the way the cake is made, it’s okay. This cake is more for people who like to experiance multiple noticable flavors in their mouth at a time, and who like some creamyness.

   IMG_20140713_120101-001 All in all, I think My Sweet Lil Cakes is the perfect place for anybody who wants to try something new, and unique. The cakes aren’t just cakes with a stick through it, it has it’s own quirks to set it aside from other baked goods. The waiting is good, although since we came when the first batch was still being made, so we had to wait for about 10 minutes. But  they have some seating, and the people are really nice. 

 I rate this a 9/10, a must go to for anybody who wants a tasty treat.

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