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We are TheJarrett818 (AKA J) and MightyMouse (AKA P-man). We like adventure and travel (we once spent three months backpacking across eight countries and two continents, with our parents). We also like to eat, cook, bake, read, watch movies and play video games.

TheJarrett818 is ten eleven and likes: Italian food, sushi, pizza, crab, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, swimming, skiing, rollerblading, military strategy (particularly WWII), video games (particularly RTS games), math, science, and teaching myself to write code (Ruby, Javascript and Python). Also…I like soup.

MightyMouse is eight nine and likes: sushi, pizza, crab, P-style food (ie: food I make up), soccer, skiing, Harry Potter, Italian food, cooking Italian food, baking, eating what I bake, Aikido, swimming, Parkour (AKA Free Running), rollerblading, Art, animals, and video games (particularly Wizard 101 and Minecraft).

We are small, but we have big personalities (and big appetites). We have opinions. Many opinions. We’ll share them with you here.

You can read about our three month backpacking trip here: http://kimsontherun.wordpress.com/

Welcome to our blog.


TheJarrett818 (universal symbol) untaintedpalate (period) com

MightyMouse(universal symbol) untaintedpalate (period) com
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