The Keeper of Time

The Keeper of Time

Chapter 1

“Are you feeling better honey?” Asks mom.

“A little.” Responds Johnny in a raspy voice.

“Grandpa’s coming over.” said mom.

“Aww man grandpa always pinches my cheek, I hate it why can’t you tell him i’m sick?!” Says Johnny.

“Thats why he’s here. And maybe this time he won’t pinch your cheek.” Says mom, agitated. Just then Grandpa walks in with a present

“Hey how’s it goin’ Johnny boy?” asks grandpa, pinching Johnny’s cheek  

“Hey i got something for you” says Grandpa.

“WHAT WHAT WHAT IS IT?!”asks Johnny.

“A watch” Johnny says “a wa-”

“Not just any watch, a magic watch made of dragon scales and the strongest metal ever, passed down from the medieval times. It’s the time traveling ‘keeper of time’. It was made even before mankind invented pocket clocks, which is what they used to call watches.” Grandpa cuts in.

“Alright, give it here and let’s see if your ‘time travelin’ wa…” says Johnny

“Don’t be rude Johnny!!” says mom

“So how do you use this thing?” asks Johnny

“Ahh…so twist the front knob to go into the future and vice versa”

After a few minutes of thinking, Johnny goes into the future but wherever he looks there’s blood. Then he notices he’s in the middle of a war, so he turns the back knob, planning to go back to his present time. But he turned the knob too far and he accidentally ends up in the medieval times. He looks around and notices a man sitting at a table with tools, weirdly perfect green rocks that look like scales and pieces of some shimmery, silver metal that glow. His vision is still a little blurry, but he sees the man look over at him. That man is his grandpa!! He reaches for the ‘keeper of time’ to turn the knob, but it’s not there.

Everything goes black, just as he hears the man whisper his name.


to be continued…….

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